Sponsor an African Orphan

Sponsoring an orphan by regular payments to cover basic needs (food, water, shelter and clothing) and education.

  • School expenses – tuition fees, uniforms, transport, stationery, boarding fees and meals.
  • Hospital and Doctors’ fees, ART medication including ARVs for children living with HIV.
  • Money for rent and household bills.
  • Money for clothing.
  • Money for food and water, including water supply.

Child sponsorship forms are used where formal arrangements are in place:

Child Sponsorship Form

Sponsor for HIV Medication

Sponsoring someone for HIV medication involves proving enough funding to cover hospital and Doctors’ fees, and ART medication including ARVs. HIV medication is a long term commitment. In limited resource settings, funding for HIV medication also include family support with basic necessities of food, water and shelter.

For the drugs to work effectively the level of adherence must be 95% or higher, otherwise the HIV builds resistance, viral load increases and the CD4 count decreases.  Adherence means a long-term commitment to take drugs at correct times, in correct doses and in the correct way. Factors such as side effects of the drugs, availability of drugs, food and water affect adherence in African countries. In Zimbabwe, the inadequate supply of clean drinking water and the very basic amount of food required to take the drugs have often made it impossible to maintain high levels of adherence.

Where formal arrangements are in place, a form is completed:

HIV Medication Form

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