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The Southern Africa AIDS Foundation (SAAF) is a community organisation based in London, UK, and works throughout England and Wales. Within Africa, SAAF works in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa.

In England, SAAF provides information focusing on HIV awareness, preventing transmission, increasing HIV testing & treatment, and reducing stigmatisation. SAAF also provides support services to those infected or affected by the virus.

In southern Africa, SAAF provides welfare and educational support to children orphaned by the HIV virus, and enables the provision of HIV medication to those infected by the virus.

How You Can Get Involved

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Make Regular Donations

Regular donations can cover school fees and tuition, usually paid once every three months. Other regular payments can include family support, to cover monthly household bills including rent,  food, water, clothing,  electricity and transport.

Other Ways to Give

There are so many ways you can make a difference. We can always use more people to volunteer for street collections, canvassing, etc. Goods such as clothing, school equipment and toys are also good alternative ways of donating.

Sponsor an Orphan

Sponsoring an orphan by regular payments to cover basic needs (food, water, shelter and clothing) and education. With your support these children will be able to escape a cycle of poverty.

Supporting African AIDS Orphan

HIV Medication & Family Support

SAAF UK Support Services


What We Do

SAAF provides long term funding and grants to adults and children on the HIV Medication Program to enable them to obtain treatment and medication to combat the HIV virus and opportunistic infections such as TB, Cancer and pneumonia. Where a family is getting support from SAAF either under the orphans program or HIV medication program, SAAF will also assist the family to be self sufficient in the long term. SAAF also gives material support in the form of grants for rent and household bills, clothing, food and water including water supply.

Our Story

The Southern Africa AIDS Foundation (SAAF) was formed as a community association in March 2002. SAAF was formed in response to stigmatisation associated with HIV/AIDS within the African community living in the United Kingdom (UK), and the seemingly hopeless plight of orphans, known locally as “street children”, in Southern Africa. The group concluded that the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS within the community in general, was the result of a lack of up to date information on HIV transmission, testing and treatment. As a group, they would be in a better position to support orphans in Southern Africa and to disseminate information in the UK to the African community in a culturally appropriate way.


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We’ve Raised over $1,000,000

A big “Thank You” goes to those members and supporters who made non-cash or in-kind donations for the Charity’s work in the UK and Southern Africa. The charity kept its costs and expenditure low due to the voluntary work done by its members and supporters. The charity relies heavily on such support and goodwill, without which the Charity will not be able to do its work.

Helping Children All Over the World

SAAF works with the local communities to reunite orphans with the nearest next of kin, extended family
members or other guardians in their own community. SAAF also provides material support to families
looking after orphaned children and helps the families to be self-reliant through income generating

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