how you can help!

We welcome help from individuals and organisations in the delivery of our services, and in strengthening the Charity to better respond to the growing need.

  • Donate money to the charity. All the money donated is directly used to further the objects of the charity. Volunteers do all the work of the Charity; there are no paid staff and overheads.
  • Sponsor an orphan in Southern Africa through the Charity.
  • Sponsor the supply of anti-retroviral medication to someone infected by HIV in Southern Africa.
  • Donate clothing, computers, school equipment, toys and gifts for birthdays and at Christmas.
  • Donate medicines, anti-retroviral drugs, and medical equipment.
  • Volunteer for the charity with leafleting, street collections, manning stalls at public events, canvassing, campaigning, and stewarding at public events,.
  • Offer to do skilled work for the charity like website development, fundraising, planning and developing strategies, accountancy, typing, publicity and marketing.
  • Join SAAF and contributing your ideas at meetings and taking part in the management of the Charity.