• History and Background

    SAAF 2003 Exec committee

    SAAF was formed as a community association in 2002 in response to stigmatisation associated with HIV/AIDS within the African community living in the UK, and the plight of children orphaned by the HIV virus in Southern Africa.

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  • Objectives, Aims and Mission

    SAAF East Anglia Commitee meeting copy

    SAAF aims to improve the health, well being and standard of living of members of the Southern African community living in the UK and within Southern Africa

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  • Regional Organisation


    Each SAAF region is headed by a regional Chair, with a regional Treasury and Secretary. Each regional committee is registered with local Voluntary Action Council (VAC) and provide local information and activities

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  • Sponsors

    SAAF National Lottery Celebration

    In addition to donations received from members of the public and direct sponsorship for orphans and people on HIV medication by SAAF members and Affiliate organisations, SAAF has received grants from private companies, charitable trusts and the National Lottery

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  • Affiliations

    SAAF african children Simukai

    SAAF is a member of (or is affiliated to) other Voluntary Organisations & Forums. This includes Voluntary Action Councils (VACs) where SAAF has a regional committee, the African Policy Network (AHPN), and other African Forums

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  • Join Us - Become a Member

    SAAF Trustees and committee

    SAAF has 3 classes of membership. Affiliate membership is free from subscriptions, regional committee members and trustees pay a £20 subscription fee

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